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Tweek and Craig's House of Coffee...

please enjoy your stay!

1/25/10 09:45 pm - hypothisos - New

Hi~! I'm new to the comunity so I thought I might as well share something to it.

Title: Alone
Author: Hypothesis
Pairing: Craig/Tweek (Creek)
Fandom: South Park
Summary: A Reflection of their lives. Based on the song 'Almost Lover' by 'A Fine Frenzy' 
Warnings: This is Slash, so if anyone is against homosexuality, I suggest you don't bother reading. 
Character Death; Read at your own risk
Disclaimer: I Own nothing except for the slight implied story about Tweek and Craig as teenage lovers.


AloneCollapse )

6/21/07 07:37 pm - tweeky_love

Craig's face makes me laugh!

6/21/07 12:40 pm - lurking_panda - Background

Buaahaha,I found a background for this place. Thank you google, and whatever site I got these pics from. (I couldn't read the name. It was not in English or Spanish....)

Hmmmm...I spam my own com....how sad is that?

6/20/07 01:24 pm - katintheroses - Missing: Chapter 1

TiTle: Missing 1/?
Author: Katintheroses
Summary: Craig's POV: i would never say that Tweek and I were close friends; more like casual aquaintances. he was closer to Clyde than any of the rest of us. So naturaly I was surprised and more than a little irritated when he showed up at my house in the middle of the night, babbling about stalkers. I sent him none to nicely to Clyde's house. But now he's missing, and I'm determined to set things right. But IU think maybe I'm getting in a little over my head. Who would want to kidnap Tweek, Anyway?
Notes: I need to shorten the summary...my first Tweek/Craig fic. >.< I hope it's better than it sounds...

Chapter 1Collapse )

3/29/07 06:00 pm - lurking_panda - INTRO!!!!!!!!

Hola, dear peoples! I recently noticed the sever lack of Com for one of my favorite pairings....which I'm sure you all know the name of, since you are reading this. (At least, I hope you do 0.0;; ) anyway, for the moment, play nice and please excuse the background-less-ness because I can't find a pic of the two of them that will show up on here >.<....or, if there is one, compleatly disreaguard that last sentence because it means I found one.


Please enjoy your stay here with us, and beware of the underpants gnomes. :D
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